We Offer a Wide Range of Inspection and Testing Services in Atlanta GA

   Your home is a complicated structure that can present problems from many different sources. We provide services to keep you on top of the most important areas. Here’s a list of all the services we offer and a brief explanation of why they’re important. 

Atlanta Mold Inspections and Sampling

    Anywhere there is moisture, even inside a wall, there is potential mold growth. Mold is known to cause problems for those with Asthma and other respiratory ailments. We can identify all areas that have existing mold growth and also point out areas that need to be monitored regularly. Mold is not always readily visible, yet can still cause the associated health problems by infiltrating the air handling system in the home. If you’re considering purchasing a home in Atlanta,GA , and notice any stale or musty odors in the house while touring it, it is highly recommended that you have a mold inspection before purchasing. There is much to know about mold. Please read here for more info - Mold Problems Atlanta GA

Atlanta GA Radon Testing

    Radon is a radioactive gas which has been linked to cancer. It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. It can be easily controlled if it is present and the first step is to determine whether it is indeed a problem. I provide Carbon Canister tests for Radon. This type of test accurately determines whether the levels of Radon present on the property are safe or unsafe. Most of the United States has some level of Radon present in the soil. The levels vary depending on the geology of the region. Even so, homes tend to trap the gases as they rise from the ground. So it is very important to have your home tested. Please visit here – Radon Facts

Atlanta GA New Construction Inspections

    Pre-drywall inspections in Atlanta GA performed by properly qualified home inspectors are an important step in assuring the quality of a newly constructed property. Our new construction inspection services are tailored to your specific needs and include: single pre-drywall inspections, individual construction phase inspections, series of construction phase inspections and final walk-through inspections.    Most contractors have some type of quality control, however their quality control may only consist of a single review at the final phase of construction. Without inspecting each systems of the property before the drywall goes up, it is impossible to determine if there are any hidden construction defects. City and county building inspectors are only required to verify that buildings meet minimum code requirements and they are often rushed to meet a busy schedule, which can lead to construction errors going unnoticed.

    When a property is under construction there are many things that can go wrong, which may take years to surface. Errors during construction can often lead to expensive repairs in the future. Construction defects can be expensive to repair after the construction has been completed, but many can be easily fixed if they are discovered while construction is still under way.

Atlanta GA Commercial Property Inspections

    As an investor you need a quality inspection and information about the multistory office building, shopping center, apartment complex, industrial warehouses, or other commercial properties you are about to purchase. Our commercial inspection services offer a detailed analysis of the property and include a thorough, informative report.

Consulting Inspection

    We provide consulting for your home improvement projects such as remodeling, additions, and new construction phases. Key benefits for you include quality control of contractors that you hire and unbiased knowledge on construction techniques being used. We can customize any inspection report to fit your needs.

Atlanta GA 1 Year Warranty Inspection

    We identify items that need to be fixed or corrected before your builders warranty is set to expire. You will then be able to submit the inspection report to the builder, so they may repair the defective items before it is too late.